Improve your website ranking in Google

Tips on how to improve your website ranking in Google

Here are some items that every page on your website should have that the experts often won’t tell you.

One keyword focus.

A focus keyword is the main keyword that you are hoping people will look for and find your post. (for this article let’s say it’s “Left handed screwdrivers”). Whether it be a category of products (or service) you offer a specific product or service or a helpful blog or update for your reader, you must have 1 focus per page. Each page should therefore focus on that I keyword only. Remember, your focus keyword can be a phrase.

Your keyword at the beginning of the title of your page

Google says that it does help a “little bit” to have keywords in the URL. You can edit this in Word press. In this example – “Left handed screwdrivers” Why they are easier to use, this title should be limited to 70 characters or less, as Google cuts this off when longer.

Put your keyword in your URL page name

For example if you are selling  “Left handed screwdrivers”, and your website is “ideally” called; you could name your page something like “Left handed screwdrivers – the benefits”.

 Put your keyword at the beginning of the meta-description

Which is the bit where Google shows a description of your website page on its search results page. This should be less than 155 characters long as Google cuts off anything longer. This is generally the text that compels someone to click on your link as against that of your competitor.

A heading with your keyword

Put your keyword as close to the beginning of the heading as possible. In this example – your heading would be “Left handed screwdrivers”. – why we should use them.

Your keywords in the first paragraph of copy.

If possible, start the first paragraph with your keyword or as close to the beginning as you can.

i.e.  Left handed screwdrivers will give your right hand a rest and are ideal for getting into those difficult places that are hard to reach.

At least one image on the page.

Each image should have ‘Alt Text’ – which means ‘Alternative Text’.  This is the text that explains to Google what the image is all about. This “alt” text can be long but must also contain your keyword. So for example – Left handed screwdrivers used by right handed builders. If you can get a video in even better. Same rules apply

At least 300 words.

Google likes pages with lots of words on them including your focus keyword – studies show the optimum number is about 300 words!

Engaging unique content

Writing lots of words doesn’t have to be boring. Make sure you separate out key pieces of content with sub- headings so people can scroll what they’re interested in. Insert hyperlink hooks in the copy to encourage your readers to click on them and keep reading – for example:

” You’ll be surprised at what we reveal the features of Left handed screwdrivers ; or “I couldn’t believe what I’m about to reveal to you when I first heard about “Left handed screwdrivers myself”;  or” Left handed screwdrivers are truly amazing – you’ll never  believe the benefits they give – all will be we revealed in this article”

Simple, short sentences.

Google likes it when your copy is crisp and clear. That’s how readers consume content these days so keep them short and to the point.

Links to other pages on your website

With anchor text explaining what that page is about, not the name of the page. So for example you might want to link to another page that’s focus is on Left handed screwdrivers that come in a variety of colours instead of pasting the URL – use a hyperlink like you do in word with the text for which you want google to recognise.

Links to external sites

To prove authority, use relevant external links to other pages or sites. For example, click here to see other articles on Left handed screwdrivers (where the link goes to some other authority on Left handed screwdrivers) -tip: only use a maximum of 2 links per page.

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