What is Affiliate Marketing

Firstly, what is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way to get an online presence without having to outlay your hard-earned cash on stocks and debtors. Merchants and manufacturers want to sell their goods or services through as many online channels as possible, these businesses affiliate themselves with web site owners (known as affiliates or publishers – you) using affiliate programs. To get as many affiliates to promote their products as possible, these Merchants engage a “gateway” company to promote their Merchant program and supply them with their list of products with images, descriptions and prices (known as a data feed).

This is where you come in, you sign up with the “gateway” company, choose what you would like to sell, join that Merchant’s program and download the data feed on to your website or marketing channel you wish to advertise on (i.e. Facebook, Pinterest etc.).

Affiliates (a.k.a. “you”) make money (commission) by generating sales, leads and/or traffic for the Merchant’s business.

To ensure that you get paid for the sales you pass through to the merchant, the gateway company monitors and records the sales and ensures that you get paid the commission.


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