Domain Names

Domain NamesThinking up a domain name is the easy part, securing the one you want is not that easy. There are millions of domains out there and most of the good ones are taken. But if you apply some lateral thinking, you can always get a name very close to the one you want.
The right site name can be critical to your online success. Research it.

Our recommendation would be to register all your Domain Names with one provider, for an easy to manage domain provider, we use Crazy Domains (and yes this is an affiliate link). Situated in Australia, their support is amazing and their prices are the best.
Buy and register your name online. Crazy Domains will search a wide selection of names for sale, you can buy the perfect one for your business simply, all with the click of a button.
Domain Registration

Check if your desired domain is available. (click in the box below)

If your domain is available click on the Crazy Domains banner above to register it.

• Make it easy to type.
• Try to keep it short.
• Use keywords.
• Target your area.
• Avoid numbers and hyphens.
• Make it memorable.
• Use an appropriate domain extension.


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